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Back in 2017, after seeing extensive media coverage and hearing from my vegan friends, like you, I too started to grow curious about plant-based foods. Before taking the plunge proper, I spent a few months researching obsessively on the topic – the health benefits, ethics and sustainability a plant-based diet brought about. Although I became increasingly convinced, I was struggling to put my intentions into practise. I didn't manage to make a sustained switch to eating mainly plant-based foods although I really wanted to.


While I wanted to transit to a predominantly plant-based diet, I didn’t want to put it at the centre of my life and sacrifice everything else. I wanted to have delicious, authentic local dishes when I craved them, I wanted to keep my protein intake high (I was a gym rat at that time), and most importantly, I didn’t want to constantly go out of my way just to get my hands on decent plant-based meals. I created Plantface to solve my own problems.


Our main purpose as a company is to make it as easy as possible for people to get their hands on delicious, healthy and affordable plant-based meals. We don’t carry much of an agenda over here – it doesn’t make any difference to us whether you’re a hardcore vegan, looking to try out a flexitarian diet, or just someone trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. We just want to provide you with delicious plant-based meals that are ready anytime, anywhere.


Our north-star is doing honest and meaningful work – work that is good for us, good for our customers and also good for the world. We try to make this ethos evident in the way we run our company – the way we painstakingly make all our meals from scratch by hand, the packaging we use, the premium suppliers we work with to get our fresh produce, the way we cook and deliver orders in batches to minimize wastage and keep costs low and so on. 


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If you want to get on-board the cause, go ahead and give our meals a try. Every single plant-based meal you eat makes a difference to your health, to the animals and to the world!



Gautam Param